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The earth has never been just for humans-I call for an end to the cruel killing of stray cats and dogs!

“Humans, love me! Don’t massacre us. Don’t you feel lonely without me? Humans, love me! The earth is also my home, our common home!” In a world full of love, compassion, and boundless companionship, there exists a dark corner where our innocent and voiceless companions are subjected to pain, suffering, and abuse. As pet lovers […]

Why do cats love to act coquettishly? Is this the nature of the animal or a habit developed during upbringing?

Nowadays, many pet cats have lost the original wildness of cats. Many pet cats are artificially bred. They have a docile temperament and love their relatives. They do not have the arrogance and coldness of cats at all, but are soft and cute. Cute look, very lovable. Nowadays, many pet cats have lost the original […]

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