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Don’t call your dog’s name

Trying to give the dog a loud and pleasant name is the first thing that almost all owners do when they bring the dog home, and it is also an important ceremony for accepting the dog as a member of the family. For the owner, the dog’s name is not only a nice name, but also a password that can call the dog back. Owners hope that when the dog’s name is called, the dog can return to the owner as soon as possible.
But the ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny. In life, many owners complain that their dogs ignore people, they can’t get back no matter how much they bark, and the more they bark, the more they run away. The owners were all wondering, what happened?
When the owner calls his name, the dog does not respond, most of the following situations.
Ignoring name-calling training (recalling training), the dog does not establish a conditioned reflex for recalling the name.
Calling names randomly on weekdays leads to the abuse of names and reduces the sensitivity of dogs to names.
After the owner called the dog’s name, then snatched the dog’s things or beat the dog, the dog established a negative impression of the name.
Regarding the method of name-calling training, I will write a separate explanation. Next, I will talk about why the dog’s name cannot be called indiscriminately, and what should be paid attention to when calling the dog by name every day.
Don’t call your dog’s name when he’s distracted. When the dog is concentrating on other things and the owner calls the dog’s name, the dog may ignore the owner’s recall. If this happens often, it will reduce the dog’s sensitivity to the name and gradually invalidate the password.
Don’t call your dog’s name continuously. When the owner calls the dog’s name and the dog does not respond, wait for a while, and then call the dog’s name when the dog notices the owner again. Repeating the dog’s name over and over again will also reduce the dog’s sensitivity to the name and invalidate the password.
Only call the dog’s name if you are sure to call it back. Before calling the dog’s name, observe the dog’s state to ensure that the dog’s attention is on the owner, so as to ensure the success rate of recalling the dog every time the dog’s name is called. Only by continuously using the name to successfully call the dog back can the dog’s sensitivity to the name be gradually improved.
Don’t call your dog’s name when you are angry. When a dog does something wrong, don’t stop it by calling the dog’s name. And don’t reprimand or physically punish the dog after calling the dog’s name. This will make the dog have a negative association with the name, and when the owner calls the name in the future, he will not want to run back to the owner.
When the owner shouts his name, it must mean 100% good things. When calling the dog’s name, the tone must be pleasant. After the dog returns to the owner, there must be a snack reward or verbal praise. No matter what bad things the dog has done before, when the dog obeys the owner’s password and returns to the owner, it should be rewarded in time.

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