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Dogs are clingy, is it separation anxiety, is it natural, or is it caused by the owner’s excessive pampering?

A netizen said: “My dog is very clingy. This kind of clinginess has risen to a level that I can’t bear. I have to follow him when I go to the bathroom, I have to follow him to bed, and I never leave the house. Wherever I am, the dog will be there.” What’s more, I didn’t go home one night. When I got home in the morning, I was stunned. There were dog poops all over the house. The floor, the sofa, and the pillows on the sofa were all on the floor.  ……”
I believe that the excessive clinginess of dogs has caused this netizen a certain amount of trouble and anxiety. So, what is the reason for the clingy temperament of dogs? I searched for information and consulted veterinarians, and I also saw many stereotyped answers on the Internet, such as dogs have no sense of security, dogs are stressed, dogs have separation anxiety, dogs have diseases, dogs are aging, etc. But I think that the main reason why dogs are overly clingy to people has a lot to do with the owner’s excessive pampering. Say what I think.

hold on
As a shit-shoveling officer, this is also a relatively wrong behavior demonstration I made. Pick up your dog if you have nothing to do. This is actually very detrimental to the development of the dog’s character, and it will also affect the dog’s appetite and physical development. A dog that is often held will develop a strong dependence on its owner, unable to be independent, and will feel very disturbed if it is not around. Here, I hope to start from me, and I also hope that other pet owners of the same kind will try to reduce the frequency of hugging dogs as much as possible.
Let the dog eat at the table and sleep with the dog
Eating and sleeping together is no surprise to pet lovers. Bacteria, viruses, etc. that outsiders see do not exist in the owner. The owner only sees the dog, and the dog only has the owner in his heart. But if this is the case for a long time, it will cause a status cognitive bias for dogs. All dog owners know that dogs live in groups, and the behavior of the owner will make the dogs feel that they are “the same kind” as humans, and they naturally like to live in groups, regardless of each other.
where to go, where to take
It is no big news that the president loves to keep pets. Besides Putin, there is also Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. Because there is a clingy dog, the president takes the dog to work every day……

Apart from being envious and jealous of this “baby” named Lennu, it is more helpless for the president to spoil it. Although he is the president, let me tell you, such behavior will easily make the dog develop a clingy personality. After all, in the dog’s heart, he will think that he is the only baby in the family, and he always likes to occupy the owner’s love. Where to follow.
Once left alone at home, it will be angry and disruptive. I believe that there are many owners who dote on dogs like the president. In order to prevent dogs from developing an overly clingy personality, it is better to relax and let the dogs do what they should.

The more people I interact with, the more I like dogs
It is true that at a certain stage of life, we will feel tired of being close to others. Often at this time, we need the company of life very much, because the company of life makes us feel needed and depended on.
At this time, pets usually take advantage of the void and play an important role around us.
According to incomplete statistics, among pet owners, surveys show that about 55% treat dogs as their own children, about 40% treat pets as their friends, and only about 3% treat pets purely as animals.
To illustrate, human demand for pets has reached an unprecedented height, and people’s dependence on pets is becoming more and more serious. I don’t object to pet owners’ love for dogs, but they still need to be treated rationally while raising pets.
The degree of pampering the dog will directly cause the dog to be overly clingy, which will not only affect your daily work and restrict your freedom of movement, but more importantly, the anxiety caused by the dog’s excessive clinginess will destroy the relationship between people and people. Harmony among pets.
I only use this article to encourage everyone to raise pets scientifically and treat them rationally.
Regarding the topic of dogs being overly clingy, what do you think, please actively leave a message to discuss.

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