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Recommended simple facial comb for the following furry children:

  • The furry kid who always produces eye droppings
  • Furry children whose fur is prone to tangles
  • Owners who want to comb away the tangled hair on the small parts of their pets


  • A straight comb can easily damage the eyes of furry children. Our simple face comb is designed according to the curve that fits the shape of the pet’s face and can achieve detailed combing
  • The round brush head will not sting the fur baby when it comes into contact with the skin, making it easy to comb
  • Cute anti-slip pads shaped like the soles of feet, designed based on ergonomics and providing a comfortable grip

Tips for managing eye mucus:

  1. Soften eye mucus – soak gauze or cotton pads in hot water and apply it around the eyes to soften eye mucus
  2. Combing – do not touch the pet’s eyeballs, gently comb from the inside to the outside. When the hair is tangled, do not pull it hard, but comb it slowly
  3. Wiping – Wet areas will breed a lot of bacteria. Please comb it with a dry cotton pad or wipe it dry

Product Material:

  • Stainless steel
  • PP
  • TPE

Product Size:

  • 2.6*2.7*0.3in



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