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Pet Slow Foodr Educational Toys





  • When you are busy with work and leave your pets alone at home, they will become depressed and irritable when eating. At this time, you need such a product. It is a small companion for pets, with a hidden food box inside. Let pets find it, thereby improving intelligence and consuming excess energy
  • Eat slowly, help protect the stomach, aid digestion, delicious snacks with toys, attract pets, improve playability
  • The product adopts one-piece molding, the material is bite-resistant, not easy to break, safe and odor-free, smooth and drop-resistant

Little knowledge about raising dogs:

  • The long-term lack of stimulation of the dog’s brain by new things will cause the dog’s intelligence to decline and become irritable. It is very important to give moderate stimulation
  • Rich and challenging game activities can effectively stimulate animal nature and instinct, and greatly relieve the bad emotions of captive animals
  • Smell is an excellent sense for dogs. Training the sense of smell can effectively stimulate the brain, open the mind, and usher in a better dog life

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Blue-green, Pink, Purple


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