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Pet Toothbrush And Toothpaste





  • Pet-specific toothpaste and toothbrush, clean teeth, protect gums, can be used by cats and dogs
  • It uses 0.15mm ultra-soft bristles imported from Thailand. It adopts human-grade bristles, which are fine, soft, and tough. It can easily clean the residue between the teeth without harming the gums
  • The brush head is small and round, making it easy to penetrate deep into the mouth. It can clean teeth flexibly without the pet having to open its mouth wide
  • The brush head is tilted at 15° to better fit the angle of your pet’s teeth, making it more convenient and labor-saving to operate
  • Edible toothpaste, no need to rinse mouth, adopts safe and mild formula, does not contain sweeteners, or foaming agents, can be swallowed, and can be used with confidence
  • Brushing your teeth regularly can effectively clean and remove oral odor, reduce oral bacteria, and prevent the formation of dental calculus


  • Please do not use this product except for cats and dogs
  • When using, please be careful not to bite your fingers with your pet’s teeth
  • Avoid contact with your pet’s eyes. If it enters accidentally, rinse immediately with clean water and tighten the cap after use
  • Please do not place it in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, or within the reach of children

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Toothbrush*2, Toothpaste*2, Toothbrush*1 + Toothpaste*1


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