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These behaviors of cats are acting like a baby, which means that your status is very high!

In fact, cats have delicate emotions, and they will also act like a baby to the people they like. If your cat shows these kinds of behaviors, it is acting like a baby, which means that you have a high status at home!

Nibble your fingers

When you are sitting and watching your mobile phone or watching TV, you suddenly feel something bit your finger or toe. You look down and see your cat owner, thinking that it is dissatisfied with you, but in fact it is acting like a baby to you. You look at your little baby.

Hug your thigh

Cats like people and hang on each other like a pendant. If your cat hugs your thigh, it means that it loves you very much and wants to stay with you all the time. It also means that your status is very high. It is willing to follow you, does your cat usually do this?

Show your belly to you

Cats are very wary of unfamiliar people. If they don’t want you to come close, you don’t even want to touch a cat hair. But if your cat is willing to show its belly to you, it means that it trusts you very much, and it is also A kind of coquettish performance, hoping to attract your attention, please touch!

Around you all day

The cat is relatively independent. If it always likes to circle around you, it means that you are very important to it. It wants to follow you and express its love for you. It is also a cat acting like a baby. If you are free, you can Play with it for a while, let it feel your love too.

rub your head against you

Rub your head against you

It’s very simple for cats to express their love, licking or rubbing against you. If your cat often rubs its head against you, it’s acting like a spoiled child. Most people don’t treat you like this, but it’s also possible that the cat is greedy. After eating, you can reward it with some snacks

Ask for a hug

Cats actually hate being hugged. Every time they hug a cat, they seem to be heroic. But if your cat asks for a hug, it’s obviously acting like a baby. This kind of honor really doesn’t come easily. Don’t reject it, hug it hard for me!

Although it is comfortable to hold a cat, it will be full of hair. This is a normal metabolism of cats. If you find that the cat’s hair loss is particularly serious, you need to pay attention. You can start with the diet and replace it with a new one. Low-salt and light cat food, do not feed humans

Conclusion: How many of your cats have been caught?

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