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Mosquito Repellent Dog Walking Light





  • Use 100% aromatic essential oils, choose aromatic essential oils that are harmless to pets and effective in repelling mosquitoes
  • It uses compact EVA solid fragrance with long-lasting fragrance. Advantages: lighter in volume and weight than liquid, only 1.9g! Can absorb aromatic liquid ingredients well, release slowly, emit fragrance for a long time, and have no peculiar smell.
  • No more worries when walking your dog at night, LED lights prevent safety accidents
  • There are three modes of light flashing: constant light mode, intermittent flashing mode, and random flashing mode.
  • The fragrance is placed inside, emitting a light fragrance through the diffusion holes on the sides and back of the product. There is no risk of being bitten or licked directly by a dog.
  • The fragrance is replaceable and can be used semi-permanently

How to change perfume:

  1. Tear off the wrapping paper of the perfume refill
  2. Open the retaining clip and insert the perfume refill

LED battery replacement method:

  1. Unscrew the screws in the retaining clip
  2. Remove the bezel to replace the battery
  3. After the LED and shielding plate are fixed and aligned, tighten the screws

First aid guide:

  • Please wash the directly exposed parts with clean water.
  • If any contents come into contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water
  • If the contents are swallowed by your dog, take immediate emergency measures and consult a doctor


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