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Pea Sisal Ball Toy





  • The cute pea shape with green color makes you feel like you are playing in a natural forest. The built-in ring stone stimulates the cat’s play instinct. Natural safe dyes make it easier to chew
  • The round ball stimulates the cat’s active nature, and the green ball can attract the cat’s attention even more when it moves
  • Comfortable to the touch, cats are happy to grind their paws, the size of the hemp rope ball is more convenient for cats to play with, it is soft and slightly rough, and it is good to play and grind their claws
  • Small bag for storage, no longer afraid of the ball running away from home, use the pea bag to hold the ball of hemp rope
  • Exquisite workmanship, eyes can talk, cute and cute pea shape, interesting and realistic, easy to decorate the room


  • For cats with different eating habits, please play with the company of the owner
  • Do not touch open flames
  • This product is a consumable and needs to be replaced after a period of use


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