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Sun Flower Comb





  • You can’t imagine the pleasure of being a pet owner. Decompression hair removal, efficient cleaning, one-button start, one touch, and the positive hair can be taken out, fast and convenient
  • Curved design, scientific 140-degree stainless steel comb, 10mm comb length, deep into the bottom of the hair, easily remove floating hair
  • HTPE protection point, comfortable massage, each HTPE protection point, gently passing through the skin, enjoy a spa-like elastic massage, promote blood circulation, let pets fall in love with grooming
  • Non-slip handle with Roman pattern, light overall, comfortable to touch, easy to comb
  • The whole body can be washed with water, and the care is more worry-free. The principle of static electricity makes the comb not easy to stick to hair and easier to take care of
  • The hair of long-haired cats is often easy to tangle, and the hair can be combed every day to easily have the beauty of the season
  • Exquisite gift box packaging, a unique sense of ceremony, practical protection of the internal integrity


  • Care Instructions: Clean the dirt with detergent and an old toothbrush, disinfect the shuchi with alcohol
  • If there is a large knotted hair ball during use, cut it off with scissors and then comb it
  • Comb for pets, please clean it in time after use
  • Please store in a cool dry place


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